HLH Singapore is the perfect solution to all your sun-shading needs providing a full spectrum of services from the design to consultative technical advice to after sales service and support, at the lowest price possible.


HLH’s dependable performance and efficient operation have helped to gain rapid international acceptance & recognition.


Our entire range of Decorial products have been tried, tested and well proven.


We provide high quality products imported from France, with some of the principals boasting a long tradition of a century or two.


Registered with the trademark registrar as the proprietor of DECORIAL


We will fulfil every demand possible to provide high quality sun-shading products & services. We look forward to big challenges that open our opportunities for future growth & expansion.



As a company and as an individual, we value dedication, integrity, professionalism, reliability and efficiency. We place our customers at 1st priority while still being accountable to our partners and employees. We honor our commitments and strive to be the best in the industry hoping to create breakthroughs all the time.